About Transformative Leadership Programme

The Transformative Leadership Framework of Mastercard defines transformative leadership and lays out the core competencies of a transformative leader, including key skills (such as adaptability, critical thinking and self-awareness) and mindsets (such as courage, empathy and vision). The Framework also identifies three essential modalities for developing transformative leadership: instruction, model and practice. It emphasizes that the opportunity for reflection portends the chance for scholars to engage their minds to solve real problems of the society. Instruction includes efforts in and out of the classroom to teach and share leadership skills and mindsets. Model refers to the opportunity to expose Scholars to role models and transformative leaders, both personally and indirectly by learning about famous and lesser known leaders in Africa and globally. Practice is the process where Scholars actively engage in activities that require and enable them to exercise their leadership skills and mindsets.”

The overall goal of the Transformative Leadership Program is to equip Teacher Mentors (TMs) in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program with the knowledge, and skills to model leadership and effectively support the leadership development of the Scholars. As part of the training, the Teacher Mentors (TMs) and Scholars will be exposed to the skills and mindsets required for transformative leadership.