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Get on Board: A Practical Guide to Building High- Impact Boards of Directors in Nigeria

 The book will equip business owners and Directors with the skills, tools and insights that they require to build functional and ethical Boards that will yield high value to their organizations and ultimately ensure that their businesses outlive them.

This is a very valuable resource on the role of Boards in strengthening management practices, in companies and in the nonprofit sector. It will make a significant contribution to improving corporate governance, deepening corporate culture and enhancing the sustainability of corporate institutions in countries such as Nigeria.”  Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Ph. D

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Building a Culture of Ethics: A Practical Guide for African leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

“This book lives up to the billing in its sub-title; it actually constitutes ‘a practical guide’ to anyone who is interested in promoting ethical management and conduct among people who take on leadership responsibility in any society. While it has the potential to be of real benefit to leaders everywhere, it is, of course, directed particularly to people who operate in situations where the principle of true accountability still struggles for full acceptance and adoption” 

Dr. Christopher Kolade (CON), Pan-Atlantic University

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Defying the Odds: Case Studies of Nigerian Companies that have Survived Generations is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

 This book profiles seven remarkable organizations, tracing their business histories, spanning 1923 till 2005, and highlighting the fundamental prerequisites for effective succession and business sustainability. From nonprofit organizations to publicly traded institutions, from triumph to tragedy, these case studies highlight the fundamental prerequisites for effective succession and business sustainability in the Nigerian context. 

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Passing the Baton: A Guide to Building Sustainable Businesses

Work and research for our first publication, Defying the Odds: Case Studies of Nigerian Organizations that Have Survived Generations, motivated LEAP to further explore the challenges of building sustainable organizations.  “Passing the Baton has all the ingredients of a useful resource material that will serve as a practical guide for current and potential small and medium scale entrepreneurs. The use of indigenous case studies in the book is particularly commendable. It is my hope that insights provided in this book will be put to use by every business owner and manager in our country.” Mr. Frank Nweke Jr, Director General, NESG

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Attract,  Motivate and Retain Top Talent

Entrepreneur often speak of the immense challenges they face in hiring and maintaining a qualified and ambitious staff. This publication features leading strategies and tools for identifying and developing a highly skilled staff that will bring a business to the next level of success.

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Essential Steps for Creating an Ethical Organisation

Corruption is cited as a major impediment to the growth of businesses in Nigeria. Companies often lose significant business opportunity as a result of corruption risks. Despite the knowledge of the negative effects of corruption,little attention is paid to building an ethical culture within organisations our environment. Therefore,this publication explores the definition of success in an ethical business,different forms of unethical behavior in an organisation and structures that can be established to guard against unethical behaviour.

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Critical Strategies for Building a Sustainable Organisation

Business sustainability highly depends on the processes and operations put in place to manage innovation and changes in the business environment. This publication highlights the importance of establishing and implementing strong systems and structures to enable businesses function efficiently and survive generations.

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Art of Managing Risk

This book introduces the concept of risk and risk management and its importance to the success of any business: It equips business owners with techniques for identifying the risks faced by their business and provides practical steps to reducing the negative effects of risks. It equips entrepreneurs with skills to enhance the long term survival of their company.

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Corporate Culture: The Essence of Winning Companies

A critical factor in the success of any winning company is a strong and positive organisational culture. It provides companies with a unique personality and firmly sets them apart. However, the power of a strong corporate culture has not been fully recognised nor utilised by the many SMEs struggling to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. This publication seeks to address this by introducing business owners and managers of enterprise to the concept of corporate culture and its relevance as a tool for building a high-performance organisation.  

Guides for young people

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Rage for Change: A Guide for Young Nigerians who Desires to Make a Difference.

About 70 million young Nigerians make up a large part of the country’s population yet, most feel powerless, unheard and under-appreciated. Rage for Change aims to change this mentality.

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How to Get A Job

This book is a must read and a very useful practical guide to all those graduates seeking paid employment.  The book is clearly and simply written, with well researched applicable practical sources to investigate and step-by-step tips on how to mine the sources for information.  Anyone reading this book will tremendously improve their chances of securing paid employment, and indeed in an industry and job role of their choice. A must read for all those seeking employment and for those who may want to change jobs or industry. – Ms. Isioma Ogodazi, Head, Learning & Development Diamond Bank

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Books can be purchased from LEAP Africa’s office:  13 Omorinre Johnson Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos and bookstores in Lagos, Ibadan and Akwa Ibom.