Harnessing The Potential of Teenagers

LEAD The Way (LTW) is a programme for teenagers between the ages of 13-18 which empowers them to understand and achieve their full leadership potential. The programme brings teenagers out of their comfort zone and provides them with the opportunity to examine their core values, beliefs and to move collectively towards creating change not just for themselves but for others within the community.

The curriculum encompasses activity based training on Leadership & Life skills, Civic Engagement, Enterprise, and Employability skills. This is achieved through case studies, interactive classroom exercises, animated videos, group discussions, visual props, and team tasks.

LEAP also offers this programme as customized training for schools (targeting prefects) and collaborate with private and nonprofit sectors to deploy it as their corporate social responsibility or sustainability projects.

The programme runs in two streams:

– J.S.S.3 Programme – aims to train and develop the leadership capacity of teenagers from both public and private schools to enable them take up leadership roles in their respective schools and community.
– Summer Programme – brings together diverse teenagers from international and national schools to learn about leadership in a fun, engaging and exciting environment. It is a 1-week non-residential programme.

Benefits of the programme

Increased consciousness of self: Teenagers learn to be aware of their beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions which motivates them to take action.
Increased level of patriotism:Teenagers begin to see themselves as active citizens of Nigeria and the global society who have the capacity to effect positive change through creativity and innovation.
Exposure and networking opportunities with career professionals
Strong Moral Compass: They are taught to act in ways that are consistent with their values and beliefs no matter the environment they find themselves.
Collaboration & Managing Controversies: Through group exercises, participants learn to work with others in a common effort, sharing responsibility, authority, and accountability. They also learn to work with others with divergent opinions and are able to harness these differences towards achieving group tasks and goals.
Build long-lasting friendships and social skills 

Call for Applications – July 2019.

Registrations now open. Take advantage of the early bird registration.

If you want to organize a private session for your students to learn how you can train students in your host communities as you CSR, please contact Taiwo Olaniyan, tolaniyan@leapafrica.org today.