LEAP is renowned for its flagship programmes and events which attracts impact actors, key stakeholders from the public, private and social sectors for progressive outcomes. LEAP also convenes learning and dissemination meetings to advocate improved opportunities for Africans. Some of its convenings include SIPA, Education Engagement Forum and Youth Focus Groups.

Education Engagement Forums

The Stakeholder Engagement Forum is an advocacy platform to discuss the needs, approach, gaps, challenges and opportunities in the education sector with specific focus on Nigerians from underserved or low-income communities. At the Forum, LEAP brings together educators and key stakeholders from the private and development sector to explore critical opportunities in improving life skills education in Nigeria secondary schools.

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Social Innovators Programme & Awards

The Awards attracts tri-sector industry leaders, investors, leading tech companies, entertainers and many others to discuss and share on social entrepreneurship as a tool for social transformation. Through SIPA, LEAP is striving to increase awareness on innovative solutions of young Nigerians, create a profile that will allow for collaboration and larger societal impact in Nigeria.

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CEOs Forum

Since 2005, the CEOs’ Forum has supported SME development in Nigeria and equipped business owners to build sustainable organizations. Through 12 editions of the Forum, LEAP has exposed business owners to the importance of planning for their succession and instituting effective systems and structures, and values within their organizations to ensure long term sustainability.

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