Our Approach



What makes LEAP unique

In order for individuals to acquire leadership skills, they need first hand experiences and long-term support. As a result, LEAP ensures that its participants are immersed in a world-class and practical learning environment. Its curriculum consists of case studies, interactive exercises, games and breakout discussions. Beyond its training programmes, LEAP motivates and inspires its participants through one-on-one coaching sessions.

LEAP’s success is linked to the practical changes that its participants are able to make in their lives, their companies and communities. As a result, LEAP actively monitors the progress of its participants, as they strive to become change leaders in Africa. LEAP works across Nigeria (including Awka, Abuja, Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Enugu, Calabar, Ibadan, Kano, Lagos, Minna, Ogun, Jos, Yobe, and Port Harcourt) in partnership with other leading private sector, nonprofit and community based organizations and educational institutions. LEAP has an Africa-wide orientation and has already contributed towards leadership development efforts in Ghana, Rwanda and South Africa.

LEAP Africa’s approach is innovative for five key reasons:

  1. As opposed to pure classroom presentations and lectures, which is the methodology utilized by existing organizations in Africa, LEAP utilizes multi-media, videos, case studies and out-door activities for transferring skills. The organization believes that using these methodologies allow for more active learning.

  1. LEAP is committed to enhancing mindsets and skills and recognizes that this process only occurs through on-going support. As a result, LEAP plans on maintaining at least a one-year relationship with its beneficiaries, ensuring that the training and support provided through the organization has had and will continue to have an impact on their lives and their organizations. This methodology differs significantly from the short-term, ad-hoc, training program currently provided in Nigeria and in other African countries.

  1. LEAP recognizes the value of continuous leadership and management research to ensure that its programmes remain relevant, unique and effective. To-date, through its innovative research, LEAP has pioneered the provision of training on succession planning and moral leadership in the Nigerian context.

  1. LEAP’s operations will be rooted in strong partnerships with existing for-profit, public or nonprofit providers across Nigeria, specifically in cities outside Lagos. These partnerships will enable LEAP to establish and build long-terms relationships with the youth. LEAP also hopes to leverage facilities and support services for its training programs, enabling the organization to minimize its operating expenses.

  1. Given LEAP’s vision and objectives, the organization is committed to reflecting excellence in all aspects of its operations. By instituting effective systems and structures, investing in leadership and management training for its staff and volunteers, the organization intends to model leadership, effectiveness, accountability and professionalism in the Nigerian and African context. Through its transparent operations, it hopes to serve as a role model for other nonprofit and for-profit organizations.