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SIP Alumnus and The Dr. Pamela Hartigan Prize Winner attends Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (OSEF) 2019

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The Dr. Pamela Hartigan Prize for Best Social Innovator started in 2017. The Award recognizes an outstanding SIP Alumni who have translated the learning and professional insights acquired from the fellowship into channeling innovative solutions to address critical social problems in society. It is sponsored by Mrs. Ndidi Nwuneli and was created in line with the objectives of LEAP Africa’s Social Innovators Programme and Awards (SIPA) to provide international recognition and opportunities for fellows of the programme.
Akomaye Peters-Benson is the Managing Director at Jaymak Energy Nigeria Limited and Founder ”Biomak II” Wastewater treatment Solutions. He is LEAP’s Social Innovators Alumnus and the pioneering recipient of the Dr. Pamela Hartigan Prize for Best Social Innovator in 2017.

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Akomaye with a conference facilitator during a breakout session

In line with the objective of the prize, Akomaye had the singular privilege to attend the Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (OSEF) 2019 in Stanford, United Kingdom. He shares his experience with LEAP Africa.
“For me, OSEF 2019 was a stimulus for globalization, creating global citizens and leadership if the learnings are put to practice. We were exposed to thought-provoking keynotes and panel discussions on scale up, developing our business skills set and how to stand out from the crowd.
I was most excited about Furhat, talking about the next big thing in the world of social ROBOTICS.
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Akomaye with other participants listening to Furhat on Social Robotics

I also enjoyed listening to Dhiraj’s insightful keynote presentation on his work in investment in technology for good. Here, I learned the incredible account of the roller coaster experience on the way to start up success.
This session afforded me the opportunity to fully understand financial technology as one of the trendiest fields in today’s digital advancement. Fintech has revolutionized the lifestyle of people and business conducts in a modern society and no one should be left out from the inside.
Closing keynote with thrilling music figuring out a path of “3400-metre skiing down the path.”
It was a great example of an entrepreneurial journey with an eye on the goal, having to take only calculated risk with resilience.
By building enterprises that provide social benefits with structures for profit-making – using their entrepreneurial skills to discover a social problem with a view to creating innovative solutions to addressing them.
This is exactly what we do at Jaymak Energy Resources Nigeria Limited – we use our innovative solutions “Biomak II wastewater recycling unit” to solve environmental degradation from faecal contamination for a profit.
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Akomaye with other social entrepreneurs at the University of Oxford

Overall, the sessions were such that created an opportunity for increased visibility of participating startups in the conference.”