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Engaging Education Stakeholders in Africa Towards Leadership Development for Youth.

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LEAP and Mastercard Foundation are exploring partnership opportunities to create a vibrant ecosystem of agile change generators in Africa through the agency of Teachers Mentors in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program using LEAP’s leadership model in 5 African countries.
The program which is called the Transformative Leadership Program (TLP) is a leadership development program designed for teacher mentors volunteering in the Mastercard Scholars program in these 5 African countries (Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia). This program is aimed at equipping teachers to be role models of transformative leadership and equipping them with tools to support the leadership development of Scholars.
On the 4th, 12th and 18th of February 2019, the LEAP in collaboration with Campaign for Female Education (Camfed) Ghana, BRAC Uganda and Equity Group Foundation Uganda met with stakeholders from the Ministry of Education, Heads of Schools, Parents, Scholars Alumni, Teacher Mentors and Scholars in the education and youth development sectors at a stakeholder engagement meeting in Tamale, Kampala and Nairobi respectively. The stakeholder’s engagement meeting was organized to introduce the programme, provide the roadmap for ensuring excellent curriculum delivery in these countries, solicit feedback on programme components and implementation.


A cross section of education stakeholders

Tamale; a city in the Northern part of Ghana was our first stop on the 4th of February 2019 where different participants reiterated the impact of the Mastercard Scholars program and the invaluable role teachers play in the psychosocial and academic development of students. The stakeholders also welcomed the Transformative Leadership Program (TLP) and provided insights and feedback on ensuring the success of the project in Ghana.

Education Stakeholders during the Stakeholders Engagement Meeting in Ghana

Kampala; the city of hills welcomed the LEAP team on 12th of February where we were received by education stakeholders from the Ministry of Education, Heads of School, Parents, Teacher Mentors (TM) and scholars in the Mastercard Scholars Program. The meeting allowed the team and these stakeholders share expectations and with respect to project implementation in Uganda.

A cross section of Stakeholders at the Stakeholders Engagement Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

Next stop was the “Green city in the sun” – Nairobi; Kenya, where we learned about the similarities of LEAP’s mission and the Scholars Program in Kenya. Low-self-esteem and low-self-confidence are some of the challenges observed by the Scholars in Kenya. Corroborating these findings, a representative from the Ministry of Education prescribed mentorship as a key role in addressing this challenge. The following recommendations were therefore made to improve the quality of teachers and the TLP in these countries:

  • Teacher motivation is a challenge and requires intentionality as it can impact the outcomes of the mentoring program
  • Female students face unique challenges including teenage pregnancy and may benefit from earlier intervention starting at the basic level as some girls drop out of school by Junior High School due to pregnancy. Similarly, there must be an equal focus on boys as they have a significant influence on the girls, and are also prone to self-limiting behaviours like drug addiction which affect their leadership development
  • Assessing the performance of Teacher Mentors must be viewed from different angles- Teacher Mentor self-assessment, input by Scholars and Head Teachers, and evaluation of the Teacher Mentors impact
  • School principals/Head Teachers are paramount to the success of the Transformative Leadership Program and should be engaged on a regular basis.

The Teacher Mentors are being analyzed and simulated into the modules of the Transformative Leadership Program to ensure effective delivery and outcome of the program.
The Stakeholders Engagement Meeting is first of the series of engagement lined up in the 4-year long partnership between LEAP Africa and Mastercard Foundation on this project.