The Power of Inspiration Comes From Knowledge

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One of the greatest growth and preparation for the future that most youth should master today is the habit of acquiring knowledge.



The power of inspiration (ideas development) comes from Knowledge. It cannot be influenced. Part of the brain’s most useful features is the ability to absorb pieces of information and make connections between them says Caroline Williams. The more we know the better equipped we are to deal with life.

Ever been in a room where you can’t speak, so you “listen” 99% of the time because you cannot contribute to the issues being discussed? A man once teased “That’s not being gentle. It’s a simple case of lack of information so be informed.” 

Information wields so much power. People generally like to be associated with individuals who know one or two things about general subjects. Naturally, these individuals take on leadership positions and are quick to make a difference (good or bad) in their sphere of influence. Which means, knowledge can be useful for good or evil.

Ada Ugo Abara in an articles published on Africa Arise, defines knowledge as the most powerful weapon in the world. It is insidious, pervasive and impossible to stop. She writes: “they can bend our bodies but they can’t break us; they can steal our resources but they can’t steal our consciousness”. 

In a digital world saturated with so much information, you can get lost acquiring the wrong type of knowledge, which neither uplifts your mind nor strengthens your ability to understand in a broader way the realities we live in.

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Take Facebook as an example. You may not be able to control what you see, every second you scroll through your mobile devices; videos, images, text lurch at you. But depending on the calibre of people you are friends with or pages you like, you are the custodian of the type of information that feeds through your timeline. Our Executive Director at LEAP, would say “I want to know the calibre of people you follow on social media. I want to know what your career growth plan is. Do you have the right models?

Acquiring knowledge is therefore intentional. It means researching the right resources and learning off them. It means consciously deciding to accept or reject information that aren’t relevant, as we commit daily to self-development.  In so doing, we discover things we cannot even  begin to imagine.

In Ada Ugo Abara words, knowledge development is critical for discovering new realities often hidden from us, acquiring new skills and enriching our cultural assets. It also means changing our minds and interacting with our mates. The power of knowledge is the most important tool we have to change the world. 

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For every young man and woman, the goals you set for yourself are often not impossible to attain. The difficulty is this: Until you learn as much as you can, you may never be able to actualise these dreams the best way possible. Successful people study, learn, think and study again. The process is unending. However, the purpose of acquiring knowledge is defeated when knowledge gained is not shared. Teach what you know to everyone willing to learn. That’s what empowerment is about. So begin today!