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Describe your background and what you do today?

I’ve got a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Abuja. During my NYSC, I taught at a government primary school. From there, I worked in an environmental consultancy firm before getting into management consulting. Right now, I’m mixing my two backgrounds – environment and management consulting in my career as a business sustainability consultant. What this means is that I work with organizations to help them consider not just profit, but environmental and social issues in their business operations and activities. The goal here is sustainable development, so that businesses do not just maximize profit, but are an active force for social good and inclusive growth…even while they make money.

How and when did you first get involved with LEAP?

I first got involved with LEAP during my NYSC service in 2007. My mother worked in development so she somehow heard about the LEAP Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) and told me about it. At that time I was reading a lot of leadership books and was already quite focused on building my leadership skills. (This actually influenced my willingness to teach during my NYSC, because I thought teaching youngsters would be a good way to build my leadership skills.) So the LEAP training was very much in keeping with my goals and I was eager to attend.

How has your participation and engagement with LEAP contributed to your success story?

The LEAP training really opened my eyes more to leadership, and encouraged me to believe that I could actually learn how to be a leader. It’s one thing to read these books yourself, but it’s quite another to hear people talk about it. The programme gave me an opportunity to hear young people like myself contributing and sharing their experiences and questions on leadership. Very importantly as well, it inspired me to be an entrepreneur and made that seem more within my reach than I had ever thought.

What changes have reflected in your live, work and community?

LEAP solidified for me the need to do business and lead with integrity! Integrity was definitely my biggest takeaway and that has stayed with me over the years. This forms a big part of my work now in terms of how I strive to lead my team at work, and how I see businesses operating. For me integrity is a big part of business sustainability.

LEAP solidified for me the need to do business and lead with integrity! #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY

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