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LEAP Alumna Unveils His First Publication

By January 8, 2016 2 Comments


On November 25, 2015, Charles Umeh was featured in the #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY campaign. [Full details here]

His first publication, “Breaking The Coconut” was unveiled December 29th, 2015 and can be purchased online.

According to Charles:

 “We want anyone who reads #BreakingTheCoconut to BECOME more and be spurred to make a difference.

Growing up In Africa, our cultural heritage of telling stories was one of the many ways of sharing values our parents deemed important. 

The best leadership stories our parents shared were that of animals which turned out to be parodies. The tortoise tale was the most reoccurring and even though we laughed over those stories, the real moral was marinated in them without it being spelt out.

The eleven changemakers from Africa who chronicled their life journey and  shared their lessons aced it. The book project was about writing a leadership book our own way.  Everyone who shared their story shared a part of them they probably took for granted because they had evolved. Their vulnerability while sharing on this project was epic. Writing our stories was synonymous to inviting ourselves to the “biggerparty” of adding our content to the many competing for our attention”

Get a copy today on Amazon & Barnes and Nobles.