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Many SMEs fail to realize that risks ultimately pose a potential impact on the survival and sustenance of their businesses. While some SMEs take precaution against risks, they concentrate on the perspective of losses and/or negative responses for businesses.

This year LEAP focuses on the impact of risk in promoting profitability and business growth themed Staying Ahead: Maximizing Profits and Mitigating Risks at its 10th CEOs Forum, one of Nigeria’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs on JUNE 9, 2015.

The 10th CEOs Forum, 2015 will:

  • Provide CEOs of SMEs with practical tips for organizational growth and sustainability
  • Foster sharing of best practices in entrepreneurship
  • Enable SMEs identify and mitigate risks to promote business growth
  • Provide networking opportunities for partners, sponsors, invited guests and participants - to interact and discover prospects and challenges for SME growth and development

Join the 10th Annual CEOs Forum to meet and learn from Nigeria’s ultimate gathering of entrepreneurs, CEOs of top corporations and indigenous companies and Risk Management experts from different sectors. Broadly discussing the sub themes are renowned speakers with key insights for the following:

  • Managing currency and financing risks in the Nigerian and global business landscape
  • The value of Effective financial management system to SMEs
  • Managing supply chain, operations and sales risks in Nigerian business landscape
  • The importance of insurance and other formal risk mitigation strategies in protecting your business from mishaps
  • Building a culture of risk management: Thinking/acting one step ahead

This year’s edition will be a better experience for every entrepreneur. So 






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LEAP holds an annual CEOs Forum to support SME development in Nigeria and equip business owners to build sustainable organizations. Since its launch in 2005, the Forum is reputed as a platform for exposing business owners to the importance of succession planning, instituting effective systems, structures and ethical leadership within their organizations to ensure long term sustainability.

To date, the CEOs Forum which fosters the exchange of ideas and best practices, has attracted over 3400 business owners, chief executives, directors, managers, as well as leaders in the public and non-profit sectors. 



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Several businessmen, renowned entrepreneurs, academics, directors that have served on the panel or as speakers at the Annual CEOs Forum include Mrs. Omobola Johnson Former Director Accenture Nigeria, Fola Adeola Chairman FATE Foundation, Ms. Koosum Kaylan; Chairman, Edgomerap Holdings, London, Mr. Ali Mufuruki; Chairman, Infotech Investment Group, Tanzania, Mr. Martin Woolnough, MD, Nestle Nigeria,  Dr. Juan Elegido Vice Chancellor Pan African University, Mr. Doug Smollan, Chairman, Smollan Group, Mr. Folu Ayeni; Vice Chairman, Tantalizers Ltd Nigeria, and Mr. Yofi Grant Executive Director, Databank Group Ghana.