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Achieving Business Sustainability

In an effort to address the challenge of succession planning, LEAP introduced its Business Leadership Programme through the support of the Ford Foundation in 2003. LEAP recognizes that while SME owners lack control over the external challenges in their sector, they are capable of addressing internal challenges. As a result, the organization equips business owners who runs SMEs with the skills and tools that are required to effectively and efficiently run organizations that will outline them.

Through collaboration with non profits, financial institutions and corporate organizations over the past 11 years, LEAP has enabled entrepreneurs build businesses using our curriculum in ten states across Nigeria including Lagos, Kano, Calabar, Enugu and Abuja. We have coached over 1,200 entrepreneurs and inspired over 3,500 business executives. As part of our innovative curriculum, we equip businesses with skills and capacities to institute systems and structures for long term sustainability.

Our Business Training

  • CEO’s Forum: LEAP’s CEO’s Forum exposes business owners to the importance of planning for their succession, Instituting effective systems and structures, and values within their organizations to ensure long term sustainability. The CEO’s Forum features business leaders and nurtures the exchange of ideas and best practices that support the growth and sustainability of small and medium scale enterprises. 
  • Governance Training for Boards of Directors: Designed for Board members of private and nonprofit organizations, this training programme equips Board members with the skills and tools required to operate effectively and efficiently in providing oversight and direction to their organizations and maintaining appropriate ethical standards in their organizations.


    Customized Business Programmes            

LEAP also offers trainings customized to address unique and specific leadership and management issues in institutions, businesses, organizations to achieve desirable and maximum impact. Our customized programmes are subject to request.

LEAP will work with your team to develop strategic trainings for your organization or can deliver a set of trainings from some of our customized programmes below: 

 Succession Planning: This programme is designed to equip business owners with the tools for effective succession planning that would ensure that their businesses outlive their direct involvement and continues to yield high value to communities for generations.

• Personal and Organizational Leadership Programme: This programme is geared towards equipping staff of organizations with the critical skills and tools for personal and organizational effectiveness. In addition, it provides them with the unique opportunity to reflect on their current abilities and to enhance their leadership and management skills.

• Organizational Ethics Training: Drawn from LEAP’s publication titled Building a Culture of Ethics, this programme seeks to empower and guide leaders and management of organizations through the process of developing an ethical culture, while highlighting the role of ethics in building sustainable organizations.

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