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In over 12 years of LEAP's existence its has contributed to foundations of Nigeria's visionaries, helping them build careers, establish thriving social enterprises and build sustainable profit ventures. Their journey through life is remarkable and their stories tell how LEAP is part of their success story. In 2015, LEAP launched #LIPOMS a weekly online chronicle of various programmes and beneficiaries stories! ITS 52 WEEKS, 52 STORIES!!!

joseph                                                                                                                                                                                               Joseph Mojume (Week 1)
Regional Marketing Manager, Mediterranean, North and West Africa Sub-region, Hilti Corporation

“My first encounter with LEAP was at the Youth Leadership Programme on campus in 2003 as an undergraduate of the University of Lagos. LEAP was truly an eye and mind opener. At a time when a simple degree was not enough to stand out from the crowd of graduates, LEAP provided me with the essential tools to prepare me for the real world and life. I gradually began to see what it takes to be successful, to stand out from the crowd, to deliver exceptional value to humanity and be of significant impact in the world I live in.

Today I am guided by the teachings of LEAP and I am reminded daily of the values of integrity (the truth has no colour), Leadership (I show by doing it first) and accountability (I take responsibility and liability for my actions). I learned more in the 1 year YLP program than from the 5 years of my undergraduate studies and can boldly say that #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY”. 


Bayo Omoboriowo (Week 2)
Multi-Award Winning Photographer & Photo Consultant

As a photographer, I tell stories with my images and recently ventured in creating a series to celebrate exceptional people contributing to the development of Nigeria. The series is called “Nigerian Unsung Heroines” . It was recently featured on CNN. In 2008, I participated in LEAP’s Youth Leadership Programme (YLD) and the lessons remain indelible in my memory.

From leadership principles to work ethics, determination and focus, LEAP gave me building blocks to recreate my dreams and take on the world. Of all the things I learned at LEAP, one word stands out the most: “Integrity”. LEAP taught me to never compromise my values and beliefs. Since YLP, I have maintained high standards as a professional in my field. LEAP has raised young successful, dynamic leaders in all spheres of society, including me , and because of its’ impact on my life, I can truly say #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY”. 


Utibe Bassey (Week 3)
Strategy Director, MetLife

I knew I wanted to get involved with LEAP the moment I read Ndidi Nwuneli’s story and learned how and why she founded the organization. In the summer of 2013, I leveraged my network, got connected with LEAP, asked for the opportunity to join the team and the rest is history. While at LEAP, I worked on Marketing and Communication initiatives; helping tell LEAP’s story to the world. I learned a lot and had a good time.

LEAP’s mission resonates very strongly with me. I think that at the core, Nigeria’s problem is a Leadership problem. Our inflection point isn’t hinged on resources, ability or intellect. We have those. What we lack is a mass of people who embody the mindset that entails sacrificial, visionary leadership. If you have spent three minutes in Nigeria, you know that this is a big rock to move, but LEAP Africa is significantly contributing to its movement. My engagement with LEAP Africa has helped me to really get a better understanding of what the gaps are between where we are as a nation and where we could be. I had the opportunity to attend a LEAP workshop in Ogun state and see first-hand how LEAP is transforming mindsets and building change agents; it was pretty phenomenal to witness. This in turn helped me identify what my role is in Nigeria’s Change story. As a Strategy Director, I am enabling processes, businesses and people to realize their potential especially in Developing Economies through transformative power of Financial Services. I am also involved in several efforts geared towards increasing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities in underserved communities globally. LEAP is an incredible organization. I’ll always be a supporter of the organization, its people and its mission. I am proud to say #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.


Olufolake Adeleye-Matuluko (Week 4)
Founder, Baobab Foundation

My journey with LEAP Africa started in 2004 at the Leadership for Health Programme where I was exposed to different aspects of leadership – ethics, values, team building and a host of other pertinent themes. Since the training, I have worked towards gaining more experience as a change agent to prepare me for running my own organization – Baobab Foundation.

One of the perks of being an alumnus of LEAP was the immense support I enjoyed from LEAP for my initiative before it grew into an organization. Inspired by the words, ‘Be the change you want to see’, I intend to use my organisation to enhance life and its opportunities for vulnerable people in Nigeria. #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY 

 Tess Okp

Theresa Okpa (Week 5)
Communications Officer, Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realization (POWER)

I discovered LEAP Africa way back when I worked as a Facilitator with Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) during my undergraduate programme at the university. But my first real encounter with LEAP was in 2012 as a participant in its Employability Programme (EMP) in Enugu during my NYSC year.

At that time, with the development experience I had acquired while working with GPI and my educational qualification in Mass Communication, I wasn’t quite sure what to do after completing the NYSC scheme. I was torn between wanting to continue in the development field, which I loved because of the humanitarian services involved, and branching off into the media sector, which was my area of study in the university.

But being part of EMP helped me to scrutinize my career from a broader perspective. I began to assess myself; evaluating my strengths and weaknesses. It also drew my attention to the fact that in order to have a fulfilling career that makes you happy, one must do what he or she loves doing. I realised the hard truth about the rate of unemployment in Nigeria and what I could do to change my story.

By the time I was done with my NYSC programme and began searching for a job, I had a clear picture of what I wanted. I had come to the realization that there was a feasible way to combine my passion for development work with my love for the media. So while I volunteered in various places for a while, it took me a year after completing the NYSC scheme to find a job that suited my career goals; one where I merged my pre-graduation experience in development with my post-graduation qualification in Mass Communication.

This year, I plan to do my Masters in Development Communication in furtherance of my career goals.

 Ebenezer new

Anifowose Opeyemi (Week 6)

I recently completed my Post-graduate degree in Nutrition and Public Health management at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom and was awarded the Sheffield Business School Leadership Award for my numerous contributions in leadership development.

My achievement might have been unattainable if I hadn’t attended an Employability Programme (EMP) organized by LEAP. As a youth corp member deployed to Ebonyi State in 2011, I attended the Accenture sponsored EMP in Enugu State. I had just heard about LEAP with five of my friends and we beat the competition to attend the weeklong training. LEAP trainers including Oje Ivagba did a wonderful job facilitating the sessions. These sessions became instrumental to building my confidence and effectiveness in the days that followed.

Three months after the Employability training, my friends and I conducted a free “CV writing and Employability Seminar” for other corps members, drawing from the knowledge we had acquired.Within a few months, after NYSC, I successfully got three separate job interviews and eventually secured my first job as a Creative Assistant in Ideas House.

One of the lessons taught at the EMP encouraged me to volunteer my services whenever possible. So in April 2013 I volunteered with LEAP as a Graphics Designer and helped to re-design one of the training manuals that was to be used for a youth training in Lagos that same month. Although I have only started settling into my promising career as a Nutritionist, the learning experience with LEAP Africa has empowered me to effectively sell and distinguish myself at different points. For Instance, I was shortlisted for the Venture in Enterprise Management programme sponsored by Junior Achievement Nigeria at the Lagos Business School; being a recipient of the Sheffield Business School Leadership Award earned me a place in the highly coveted Common Purpose Frontrunner leadership course.

I am presently in contact with top organizations in my field where I dream to work in and I am confident I will achieve my goals, thanks to LEAP Africa for a great start.


Abiola Afolabi(Week 7)
BioChemist & Fashion Designer, B’Lustrious

I am Afolabi Abiola Oluwatobi, a graduate of biochemistry from Ekiti State University. I am currently in a fashion school at the same time creating awareness about my brand, B’Lustrious.

I got to know about LEAP through a friend during my NYSC in Abia state in 2012. He had applied for a LEAP Employability Programme in Port-Harcourt and thought it would be good for me to attend as well. He nominated and completed my application and saddled me with the singular task of just finding my way to Port-Harcourt for the programme.

At the time, I was at a crossroad; I didn’t know what direction my life and career was heading. I was depressed and frustrated because I graduated with a third class.

All that changed after my encounter with LEAP. Attending the Employability Programme changed my mindset and the way I viewed life. The sessions were so insightful I began bursting with ideas; excited about possibilities that could transform my life. Nothing else could have been able to elevate my spirit the way the programme did, and I am still thankful.

After the training, I began to plan. LEAP helped me trace my steps back into the past. I know a lot of us run away from our past; in fact
motivational experts will encourage you not to dwell on it. But mine was different – It was from my past I started planning my future. I recalled all the things I loved doing as a child – My flair for writing and designing or creating things out of scrap, as a young girl.

I realized I could have a future in art and started planning on enrolling at a fashion school. So I worked for a while to save up a little and after getting a substantial amount I quit the job and enrolled last year at a fashion school which I will soon be graduating from.

Although I am not yet into the business as a full time fashion designer, I have started making money out of the designs I have made. I even turn down offers most times because I can’t do it all. I may not have made a big name for myself like Tiffany Amber but I am almost there.

I am proud to say, #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY.

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LEAP has held its programmes in 26 cities in Nigeria including the FCT.