Message from the Founder

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After 12 years of focusing on developing leaders in Nigeria and Africa, LEAP Africa has been able to drive social development and positive change through its programmes and collaborations. LEAP Africa was established on the premise that Africa desperately needed a new generation of visionary, ethical, creative and disciplined servant leaders. Second, that a small group of people who shared the same vision could work together to change their communities, countries and indeed the world.

LEAP has pioneered many leadership programmes for young people which have evolved to enhance our impact across Nigeria. Our Youth Leadership Programme, has pioneered curriculum on leadership, civics and ethics and has trained youth, teachers and practitioners across Africa. The change projects launched by our youth as a prerequisite for completing the programme have impacted over 200, 000 people in communities across Nigeria. Many of our alumni are celebrated leaders across Nigeria, and we are extremely excited about the roles that are playing in shaping Africa’s future. In addition, our Employability Programme has provided over 3, 000 youth with life and work-     readiness skills, and helped place hundreds in meaningful employment. Our programme model has inspired the emergence of similar organizations across Africa, many who we continue to support.

 Our Business Leadership Programme has pioneered curriculum  including succession, governance, ethics and has trained and  supported entrepreneurs across Nigeria, many of whom have  transformed their businesses from one-man enterprises, to institutions that employ thousands of people. Our research team has produced seven books and mini-series which are actively used by entrepreneurs, managers and institutions across the globe.

In addition, through our collaborations with the African Leadership Institute, Naija Junction – the Nigeria 2025 Scenarios has contributed immensely to public discourse and serves as an excellent tool for policy makers and change agents. Similarly, our partnership with the Aspen Institute and the Databank Foundation Ghana which birth the Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa (ALIWA), has enabled Nigerian and Ghanaian leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors to move from success to significance.

Beyond the indicators of our impact and reach, I am most proud of the institution that we have been able to build – one that is synonymous with good governance and ethical leadership. The dedication that has been exhibited by our Board, staff and volunteers over the past ten years has been unmatched. We have successfully completed one Board and management succession and are embarking on a second one. In addition, we have invested in building a sustainable institution with a healthy endowment fund and our own modest building.

Through the support of amazing Board members, committed staff, visionary funders, and wonderful supporters - including our volunteers, friends and family, clearly, LEAP has only scratched the surface of Africa's leadership challenge. However, given new vision and strategic approach, I am more convinced today than I was at our inception, that in our life time, with your continued support, we will inspire, empower and equip a new generation of principled, disciplined and creative leaders who will transform Nigeria, West Africa and indeed the continent of Africa.

Thank you for believing in the vision and joining us on this journey!

Your labor of love, sacrifices and dedication have not and will never be in vain!

God Bless,

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli (MFR)
Founder, LEAP Africa
Co-Founder, AACE Foods
Director, Sahel Capital & Advisory Partners