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Rage for Change

LEAP‘s third publication is titled Rage for Change: A Guide for Young Nigerians who Desires to Make a Difference.

According to the population data from 2006, about one out of every three people in Nigeria is between the ages of 10 and 24. This means there are 4.5 million Nigerian youth. Although young Nigerians make up such a large part of the country’s population, most feel powerless, unheard and under-appreciated. Rage for Change aims to change this mentality.

Rage for Change is designed to convince young Nigerians that they can be leaders and instruments of change in our country today. The book uses the stories and ‘change projects’ of some of LEAP Africa’s many outstanding alumni to show that it is possible to make positive change in Nigeria even as a young person.

"As I scanned through this well written book, my exact thoughts were wow! My children must read this! Its language is total 'youth speak', very simple and easy to follow. Rage for Change id one little book that I believe should reach the hands of every Nigerian youth, especially those between 12 and 30!"

  Adesuwa Onyenokwe
Publisher TW Magazine and
 Producer Today's Woman with Adesuwa

"Rage for Change is proof that what makes leaders is not just great things, but many little unique things that anyone who has a heart can do. It demystifies the concept of leadership and brings it within the sphere of influence of everyone - especially the youth. This book will embarrass many politicians who think they are leaders, and inspire many of the electorate who think they are just voters. I recommend it to anyone dealing with young people, from parents to the President".         
  Nurudeen Lemu
Director, Islamic Education Trust/Da'wah Institute of Nigeria (DIN)

I have always believed my responsibility to my children amounted to giving them ‘ROOTS & WINGS to fly’.  As Nigeria faces daunting challenges of achieving the MDGs, the concrete baseline for human development, RAGE provides a veritable tool to enable our youth ably partner with government in the 7 year countdown to the MDGs by 2015.  The simple yet profound messages that address HIV AIDS, poverty, empowerment, stigma, courage and more will certainly light up the passion in many a Nigerian youth…and adults too!"

   Hajia Amina Ibrahim
Special Adviser to the President on MDGs