Attract, Motivate and Retain Top Talent

Building an enduring institution requires vision, creativity, discipline, passion, and strategic thinking. However, these qualities are not demanded from a CEO alone. The top companies around the globe have employees at every level who embody these requirements and are committed fully to the company’s success. Such a feat does not happen without focused efforts and expertise on the part of the company’s top leadership. Therefore, the biggest challenge a CEO faces is becoming an exemplary manager, skilled in the range of leadership talents required to develop an exemplary staff.

Attract, Motivate, and Retain Top Talent guides a CEO through building an attractive employer brand, creating an effective hiring process, coaching staff to reach their full potential, understanding when and how an employee should be let go, and instituting the incentives and structures to keep talented employees long-term. This book is a must for every CEO who recognizes the importance of developing their management skills and requires a framework by which to do so.