Get on Board

LEAP’s second publication is titled; Get on Board: A Practical Guide to Building High- Impact Boards of Directors in Nigeria. The book features a foreword by Professor Philippe Haspeslagh, and has been endorsed by leaders in the Nigerian public, private and nonprofit sectors. In addition to highlighting best Board practices from authorities in the field, the book presents the results of an innovative Board governance survey of Nigerian organizations and case studies from Nigerian corporate and nonprofit organizations with functional Boards.

The book will equip business owners and Directors with the skills, tools and insights that they require to build functional and ethical Boards that will yield high value to their organizations and ultimately ensure that their businesses outlive them.


“This is a very valuable resource on the role of Boards in strengthening management practices, in companies and in the nonprofit sector. It will make a significant contribution to improving corporate governance, deepening corporate culture and enhancing the sustainability of corporate institutions in countries such as Nigeria.”
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Ph. D,
Former Finance Minister Federal Republic of Nigeria

Distinguished Fellow, Brookings Institution, USA “The recommendations in this book are clear, sound and appropriate. The book advocates efficiency and responsive organizational structure at the Board and top management level. It is highly recommended to business and non-profit organizations that sincerely seek to be effective and result-oriented.”

Charles Chukwu
Programme Officer, National Association of Small Scale Industries

“To the best of my knowledge, this book by LEAP Africa is the first major effort aimed at drawing attention to the importance and performance of Boards of Directors in Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It is a very important and commendable work, and it has the potential to trigger a major change in the way SMEs are managed and governed not just in Nigeria, but in the whole of Africa. The result would be a more virile SME subsector and a stronger economy.”

Ike Abugu, Ph. D
President and Chairman of Council,
National Associations of Small and Medium Enterprises( NASME)

Tools and Resources for Get on Board:

1) LEAP Africa Board Survey

2) Code of Corporate Governance

3) CBN Code of Corporate Governance

4) CAMA (1999) Section IX: Directors and Secretaries of Companies

5) Sample Invitation and Response Form for New Directors

6) Sample Board Skills Inventory Grid

7) Sample Board Meeting Agenda

8) Sample Board Meeting Minutes Format

9) Sample Ethics Code Commitment Form