Nigeria 2025

Given the recognition that national transformation in today's world requires at its base a shared national vision and a robust strategy among the leaders in the public, private and the civil sectors society, the African Leadership Institute in collaboration with LEAP Africa, launched the Nigeria 2025 Scenarios in November 2006. The project was designed to develop a series of scenarios on how Nigeria could evolve in the future, thereby painting images of plausible trajectories for the evolution of the country until the year 2025. 

Over a period of 15 months, a team of 35 individuals from different walks of life have met in seven workshops and a series of subcommittee meetings on a voluntary basis to analyze the factors that will influence the future development of the nation, and have built four logically consistent and thought provoking scenarios of the future of Nigeria. These scenarios, which situate Nigeria at crossroads - Naija Junction, include: 

Jaga Jaga Republic
A story of how self-seeking leadership, endemic corruption, a populace rendered supine by apathy and superstition, ethnic distrust, religious strife, and elitist power struggle all contribute to destroying the Nigerian nation.

Shine Your Eye
A story of a people that seek salvation from a small clique of leaders who are able to deliver some economic gains at the high price of brutal repression of individual freedom and self actualization.

A roundabout story of how to get from where you were to where you were in about 18 years.

We don Win
A story of how, with remarkable foresight and fortitude, Nigerians are able to raise their nation from its slumber to become Africa’s largest economy and a leading member of the G20. 

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