Location Target Audience Programme Description
Business Leadership Programme (BLP) - 

Building, Managing and Leading Successful Businesses






 Open Business Owners/CEOs

/Managers/ Entrepreneurs

 The Business Leadership Programme is modeled after international best practices. The objectives of the programme are to:
  • Expose business owners to critical skills and tools for effective leadership in business
  • Expose business owners and entrepreneurs to the need for succession planning, how and when to start planning for their succession
  • Give business owners the unique opportunity to reflect on their current leadership abilities and to enhance their leadership and management skills.
  • Equip business owners with tools for board management and corporate governance
  • Build a close community of business owners who will encourage and support each other to build successful and sustainable businesses. 

Social Innovators Programme & Awards (SIPA)

November 12



Awards recognition for outstanding creative, social innovators. 
YDTP – Youth Development Training Programme


(Sahara Foundation; Embassy of the People Republic of China)

Lagos,  Teachers, Community Based Organizations

(CBO), Youth Organizations, 

Religious Bodies

The YDTP is a Training of Trainers workshop designed to enhance the life, leadership and facilitation skills competencies of trainers (comprised of teachers, youth leaders, guidance counselors, and representatives of faith based organizations, youth led and focused organization) who, upon completion of the workshop, are supported with learning material to cascade the training to youth within their spheres. 

Citi School2Work Programme

 TBD  Lagos  Fresh graduates  

*Please note that these dates are subject to change to accommodate new programme, movable public holidays and academic calendar. It is also important to recognize that other programmes/ workshops might be scheduled in the upcoming weeks/months.

** Customized programmes are available on request by interested bodies, organizations or sponsors.

TBD- customized programme locations and dates are subject to the request for such.

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